Notes to becoming a Notary

by Elle Lawrence

Having a Notary that is easily accessible can be an amazing tool at work. With a little patience and about $100 for fees, a bond and personalized stamp, you too could be a Notary and be an integral part of the business process saving time.

Step 1: Fill out your application
You can find an application at your County Clerk’s office or online for most counties. Davidson County click here. This application does need to be notarized but you can do this at your local bank. The Williamson county application is here.

Step 2: File your application before the next
City Council meeting and pay $12 fee.
Take your notarized application down to the County Clerk’s office to be submitted for consideration. In Davidson County, your application must be submitted 2 weeks before the next City Council’s meeting is scheduled to meet. The county’s legislating body will hold a meeting and vote to approve your application or not. Approval is typically based off of how many notaries are in the county currently.

Step 3: Get an approval letterIf they approve your application, you will receive a letter in the mail.

Step 4: Become bonded
Contact a bond agent to secure a loose bond for $10,000 for 4 years. This will cost around $30-$50.

Step 5: Sign Oath, get License and pay $2 filing fee
Return to the County Clerk’s office and submit the letter of approval and the proof of bond, and they will have you sign an oath and print you a license. Congrats! You’re officially a notary but now you need a stamp.

Step 6: Order personalized stamp
You can order a stamp at any Office Depot or Staples, but be sure to have your license to prove that you are a notary. The stamp needs to be a rubber stamp in any color other than black.

This process is very simple and inexpensive. Make your business run more efficiently and become a public notary.