Creating a Team

Fresh Admin's holiday potluck.

Fresh Admin's holiday potluck.

by Elle Lawrence

One aspect of Fresh Admin that makes us unique, is the full range of services we offer and how we integrate them to help our clients. Our ability to come together and be fully supportive of them, allows us to alleviate some of the burden of the process. How do we create a collaborative community? With all the different facets of support we offer: accounting, human resources, onboarding; obstacles like schedules, deadlines and workload, more often these can lead to an isolating environment then a collective one. One way we have been able to overcome these many hurdles in our business, is our decided effort to encourage peer camaraderie.

Through activities like weekly snack days, potlucks, and creative brainstorm meetings, we have created an environment that supports and encourages interaction. 

But how does this help Fresh Admin and why should any company want to encourage this? These connections with each other on human level become a reminder, that we are a company of people. We as a company are no greater than those who work for us and with us and this greatly affects the way we engage the world of business. 

By building friendships we see each other as individuals similar to ourselves, instead of opponents or rivals. This awakens a want to support and encourage the progression of our teammates versus tearing them down or hoping they fail. Our ties become what we lean on as we face the many challenges of growing as a small business. When those surrounding you want you to succeed and flourish, stress levels and anxiety are reduced significantly. Concentration can then be turned to the task at hand. With the joy of friendship, productivity increases, and turnover is lowered, job fulfillment expounds and the company and their clients reap the benefits.

With so many advantageous effects, why wouldn’t EVERY company encourage peer camaraderie? Here are activities you can implement to bolster peer camaraderie:

  • Weekly socials- ice cream, beer, food, etc
  • Office picnic lunches
  • Weekend retreats
  • Community involvement
  • After hours drinks
  • Potlucks
  • Sporting events or activities