Organizing Your Workload

by: Meaghan Hudson
A key to success in any endeavor is an efficient organizational system.  Between vendors, employees, organizational documents, maintenance, supplies, etc, something could fall through the cracks.  

Here are some helpful tips for getting organized:

Know what you’re organizing.  Your mountain of papers, tasks, responsibilities, and emails will become much more manageable once you know what you’re dealing with.  

Know your timelines.  Do you have weekly responsibilities?  Daily?  Monthly?  A project with a deadline?  For each week create a weekly task list.  Next to a task write the day you are going to work on the task.  If a task is a high priority, then highlight it.  For larger projects, break them down into small manageable tasks with deadlines. This helps keep you on track and doesn’t let a large project grow into something unmanageable and daunting.

Supplies! Organizing doesn’t have to be boring.  There are plenty of items out there to make this more fun.  I love all of my brightly colored folders, stand-out highlighters, and my basic notebook for my weekly task list.  

Unbury your emails.  Emails can get buried.  Either print them out, mark unread, or take care of them right away.

Ask for help. Coworkers or other people in your field are an excellent resource.  They might be able to provide insight into your organization system with your specific needs.