Are you Embracing Checklists?


by Hazel Bodner

Checklists can help jog memory and ensure everything is correct and nothing is over looked.

But they have been used by other industries by doctors and pilots to save lives. Listen to this interesting podcast from NPR to learn more about why checklists are critical and why they work.

The author says that our brains can only handle about 5-9 items at a time. Once the list gets beyond that number, the checklist is critcal. This podcast will also help you implement Fresh checklists as training was an important part of the US military’s implemenation of checklists for pilots.

At Fresh Hospitality, lists are used for prep charts, cook charts, opening and closing and also as part of the new store opening list through . Once you listen to surgeons and historic data about the use of checklists in flight, you’ll have a new appreciation for Fresh Checklists.

Hazel Berger