Have farm. Will learn.

Gardening is a project no matter how big or small the garden.

My husband and I have a 20’ x 30’ plot which is home to zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, garlic, peppers and broccoli. Because of our interest, we recently watched The Biggest Little Farm at the theater. It is a documentary created by John Chester about his family’s adventure creating something sustainable out of nothing.

The movie forces this nature puzzle. Their 200-acre problems make our aphids and grasshoppers seem miniscule. The movie teaches about life and working through the problems that nature brings. Will one critter consume another to bring harmony to the farm? I definitely have a new view of my backyard now after seeing the film.

This year we planted a separate garden of dahlias… and I added 2 rows of zinnias in the middle of the vegetables too.

 What are you growing?

Hazel BergerComment