From Chip Gaines -- HDTV Fixer Upper Creator, Star

By Hazel Berger for Fresh Admin
Looking for some motivation or empowerment? Chip has it packed in his latest book, Capital Gaines. The book is part biographical, part love story and part motivational.


Chip is a true entrepreneur creating many start ups. The book tells the story of the businesses (Magnolia Inc, Fixer Upper, and others)  that Chip created with his wife, Joanna. Each one has one thing in common, risk taking. He talks about the early stages and helps people understand what he was thinking and feeling. The raw emotions, including fear, are well explained throughout the book.

The pages also tell the story of Chip and Joanna's marriage. They have 4 children and figure out how to juggle multiple businesses, and grow their relationship. He explains their decision making and chance taking. Through examples, he helps the reader understand trusting their gut and how the two work together.


And, the true reason that Chip authored the book was to give his fans and readers a push to make a difference. He lists out the following "facets of society:" government, science, technology, education, family, economy, military, faith/religion, media, business, sports, and art and entertainment and says, "It doesn't take a genius to recognize that each of these categories -- each and every aspect of our world-- has some real room for improvement." He wants people to think of a change and take a chance.

And, it happens that the couple's home design line Hearth & Hand will be arriving in Target on Sunday, Nov. 5.