Are you employing Google Drive?

by Hazel Berger

Use GoogleDrive to increase productivity at the office. It is an excellent tool for sharing documents both for reference or collaborative work. Download google drive to the computer to make changes to the documents with Microsoft Word and Excel on the fly. We use Google drive at our companies to share KPI documents, training materials, and Word templates. Here are step by step instructions for getting google drive working on your computer.

Type on the web. Sign into your email account.

Click the panel of 9 squares shown above. It pops out these 12 icons.

Click on the[ Drive] to see your google drive.

The next step is to click on the bottom left corner where it says [Install Drive for your computer]. You must do this step to be able to edit the file from your computer.

Once the drive is installed on the computer, turn on synchronizing of files. To do this, click on the google drive icon now in the system tray in the bottom right hand corner of your computer. Click on preferences and tell it to sync all the time. If synchronizing is off, you will always be looking at the original unchanged file.

And, lastly,  click [Visit google drive on the web] to add files to your drive. Find files [Shared with me] and then click [Add to my drive].

There are four ways to use google drive:

1. View files on the internet version of google drive
2. View files via an application on your phone
3. Edit docs on the web, but changes are live.
4. Edit files via the downloaded application on your computer. This allows you to make changes, choose when to save and when to rename a doc.