"Hey, Siri"

by Hazel Bodner

Tennessee became a hands-free state on July 1 of this year. Because of that, I decided to give Siri another chance. I remember trying Siri when I bought my first iPhone many years ago. It did not work for me then.

But, good news… I recently turned on Siri. (Click Settings/Siri & Search and then move the lever to green on the Siri option). The phone then prompted me through pronouncing about four phrases. And I’ve been utlitzing Siri ever since. It’s easy and super helpful. But most of all, I am a safer driver now that I am using Siri to dial my friends and family while in the car.

It looks like most states are hands-free now. Take a look at this article on WikiPedia with a table summarizing the state laws and driving — > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Restrictions_on_cell_phone_use_while_driving_in_the_United_States

Hazel Bodner