Your Brand Is Your Intellectual Property

By Buist Rivers

Intern, Fresh Admin


First, some background info -

Trademark: A trademark is a mark, which identifies your business, goods, or services provided. It consists of a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or any combination of these.  

Registered Trademark: Trademarks do not have to be registered, however doing so endows the owner with exclusive rights to use the trademark, registered legal ownership, and other additional protections. The US Patent and Trademark Office will register your trademark, but you are responsible for enforcing your protection and making sure no one infringes on your trademark rights.

Copyright: Copyrights are another form of intellectual property that are applicable only to unique creative works. It protects the original expression of ideas, however not the underlying ideas of the work itself. Once filed, copyright will protect literature, books, poetry, music, plays, computer software, code, as well as website content.

Don’t spend your time searching, copying, and pasting the trademark™, copyright©, or registered® symbols. Streamline and finish more in your workday by employing some of these convenient shorthand alternatives for Windows and Mac computers.

WINDOWS: By pressing and holding down the [ALT] key plus entering a code on the number pad, located on right of your keyboard, your computer will type a symbol. There are different codes for different symbols –  these are a couple we use on a day to day basis:

Press [alt] then type 0153 on the number pad will type a Trademark ™

[alt] then 0174 on the number pad will type a Registered ®

[alt] then 0169 on the number pad will type a Copyright ©

For a list of more symbols for windows, click here

MAC: The shortcuts are even easier to utilize on Macs – by pressing and holding down the option key [op] and then typing a number or letter, you can access these shortcuts

Press [op] then 2 for a Trademark ™

      [op] then r for Registered ®

          [op] then g for a Copyright ©

For a list of more symbols for macs, click here

Buist Rivers