ABC Certification

Fresh Admin is offering TIPS/ABC classes. Many states require or highly recommend all employees to be certified. Tennessee requires any server serving alcohol to become ABC certified. The class is designed to teach students specific responsible alcohol service. After completing and passing the course students will be ABC Certified. Certification is valid for five years.

Class Price $69 (includes ABC card)
After completion of course trainer will either mail or hand deliver ABC card to each passing student.

Register for upcoming ABC Classes
uesday- May 30th 10am-3pm at Biscuit Love Sunset
Tuesday-June 13th 1 PM - 6PM
Tuesday-July 11th 1 PM - 6PM

with trainer Abbie Dzara
Private classes upon request. Must have five or more students. 

Fresh Hospitality's Nashville Office
631 2nd Ave S, Nashville TN 37210

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