Fresh Admin Cross Concept Trainer

Fresh Admin’s Tools software helps management run their restaurant. Whether opening a new concept or a new restaurant for an existing concept, you’ll benefit from our trainer. The trainer will come to your concept to train staff throughout the workday. Our goal is for you to be able to operate Tools. 


Our Cross Concept Trainer will train each manager and manager trainee how to operate Tools. The trainer will come to your concept at the scheduled times. The trainee will receive individualized training to fit their needs. The trainer will be there to model the correct way to operate each function in Tools. After shadowing the Trainer the trainee will perform the task with assistance. After practice the trainee will be able to perform their assigned task on their own. Throughout peak restaurant times the Trainer will assist in restaurant needs.


  • Introduction and Hands On Training for Tools Modules

  • Individualized training goals and schedules to fit each Trainee’s needs

  • Continuous training throughout the day

  • Access to Tool’s training PowerPoint and One‐Pagers

  • Open discussions and questions resolved daily

  • Nightly emails of training overview sent to GM/Owner

  • Front of House training with staff. (Square Help, Menu, Customer Greetings)

  • Back of House training with staff. (Accessing Recipes, Prep, Using Equipment Properly)


  • Management team is proficient in using Tools and its functions

  • Trainer and Trainee accomplished each goal set

  • Trainer is confident in operating Tools

  • Management team has established daily routine


  • Trainer will be available throughout time of training

  • PowerPoint and One‐Pagers will be provide during and after training

  • After training trainer will be available through email for follow up questions


  • Weekly, daily or consulting options